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I started taking an interest in energy medicine and natural health care a few years ago and it has taken me on quite a journey.

Did you know that everything is energy? All matter (animals, plants, water, stone) are made from non-matter, more specifically, they are made from atoms. These simultaneously generate, emit and receive energy which operates at a specific frequency.

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter”

Albert Einstein

We have 12 body systems which are made from tissues and organs. Within these tissues and organs are cells. These cells are made from molecules and these molecules contain atoms. Atoms are made up of subatomic particles and subatomic particles are made from energy. From this, it can be seen that at our very core we are all energy beings! Our emotions and thoughts have their own unique electromagnetic fields, as do allergens, pathologies, viruses and bacteria.

Following decades of research scientists have confirmed the existence of electromagnetic fields and they now understand the important role these fields play in our overall health and well-being. Several studies have concluded that an imbalance or abnormality in the bioenergetic field makes the body more vulnerable to infection and disease.

Researchers like Dr. Robert Becker, orthopaedic surgeon, and researcher in electromedicine measured patterns of direct currents of electricity that flow over and through the body. Through his research, he showed that the pattern, shapes, and strength of the body’s complex electrical field altered as a direct result of physiological and psychological change.

Scientific research has shown that a weakness in the energy field of a living creature is a precursor to disease. It has also measured the impact of thoughts and emotions on the human energy field. Scientific discoveries about the biochemical effects of the brain’s functioning show that all of the cells in our body are affected by our thoughts. A great book that describes this process in detail is “The biology of belief” by Bruce H. Lipton, a renowned cell biologist. Science has also shown us that we can communicate with energy fields using the language of frequencies.

This leads me on to tell you about a portable bio-resonance device that works with frequencies. It’s called a Healy and is used to harmonise imbalances in your bioenergetic field by delivering a series of customised frequencies specifically created to return cellular energy to optimum health. It is a device that has over 120 individual frequency programmes delivering over 144k different frequencies. It is able to communicate directly with your bioenergetic field in order to bring your body more of the frequencies that it needs. It can help with many things such as chronic pain, mental health, better sleep, energy, fatigue, fibromyalgia, ageing, immune health, stress, hormones, skin, concentration, chakras, muscle recovery and lots more. Please note that it’s not recommended for anyone who has a pacemaker, is epileptic, or is pregnant.

I had been interested in this device for a long time after hearing stories from people I knew who had used it and recovered from things like chronic fatigue, pain in the body and fibromyalgia. This fascinated me and I finally decided to buy one a couple of months ago. I’ve been really impressed with the results so far! I’ve been using it on my family and close friends and so far, it has helped to alleviate a toothache within about 10 minutes of use, alleviate stress and anxiety, alleviate a long-term shoulder pain and alleviate a migraine very quickly. It has given people that have used it a better sense of well-being and has helped them to feel generally happier and more positive.

There are four different versions of the Healy device to cater to different needs and budgets and if you start with a simpler version you can upgrade to the next version by just paying the difference. Each version comes with the Healy device and accompanying accessories, plus a number of programmes for specific areas of application. The four versions are: Healy Gold, Healy Holistic Health, Healy Holistic Health Plus and Healy Resonance. The main difference between the different versions is the number of programmes you receive. I have the Healy Resonance and this is the only one that scans the body to see the top 5 programmes that resonate most with your body. I’ve found that it doesn’t always come up with what you expect however it seems to be spot on! I had an emergency C-section with my firstborn, over 10 years ago and something that often comes up when I scan myself is the healing of scar tissue. When I scanned one of my children recently who was feeling unwell the first thing that came up was anxiety. He was feeling anxious about something that was going on at school however his symptoms of unwellness were manifesting as a tummy upset. Once I ran the anxiety programme on him his tummy felt much better.

I think this little device is amazing and a very handy lifetime tool to have to help the whole family in a very profound way. When we take a medication for migraine it often has a band-aid effect of temporarily taking away the symptom without healing the cause and often resulting in new symptoms. The Healy heals the cause and not the symptom, resulting in increased long-term health and well-being.


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