Workshop - Saturday 15th April

Releasing limiting beliefs

In order to manifest things we want we must be positive. If we hold onto limiting beliefs it can make it difficult to feel positive. 5% of our mind is conscious and 95% is subconscious. It is in the subconscious that we hold our most fundamental beliefs about life. In this workshop you will learn to identify these limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind. You will then use powerful tools to release these beliefs and you will replace them with empowering beliefs.

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Date: Saturday 15th April

Time: 2-4pm

Price: £29


Studio Yoga, Tiebridge Farm, 

North Houghton, SO20 6LQ

Meet the team


I’m passionate about working with adults and children in order to find the root cause of dis-ease and healing the ´whole´ person (mind, body and spirit) as opposed to just the symptoms, in order for the individual to achieve their optimum health and vitality.

I’m a registered healer and I work with Energy Healing, Space Clearance, Kinesiology (TFH, P.R.A.N.A and Spectrum Healing), Nutritional Therapy, ASYRA (bio-energetic health screening), and Scenar Therapy for pain relief. 

I give healing to my clients by channeling energy through my hands. I work intuitively and I move energy where I feel it is stuck. I do most of my work with my spiritual guides who use my physical body to channel their healing. 

I attend monthly Advanced Spiritual Realms training days and I’m a full member of UK healers, The British Alliance of Healing Associations (BAHA) and the Kinesiology Federation.