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Tania Galvani

I am a qualified Naturopath and I work with Nutritional Therapy, ASYRA (bio-energetic health screening), Kinesiology (TFH, P.R.A.N.A and Spectrum Healing), Scenar Therapy and Spiritual Healing. I also hold accredited diplomas in Advanced NLP, Life Coaching, Bach Flower Remedies and Energy Medicine. 

I am passionate about working with adults and children in order to find the root cause of dis-ease and healing the ´whole´ person (mind, body and spirit) as opposed to just the symptoms, in order for the individual to achieve their optimum health and vitality.

How May I Help You?

Dis-ease is not something that only affects our physical body. Dis-ease starts in the energy field before manifesting into our physical body. What we think, how we feel and what we do all play a part in creating the health and vitality we wish to enjoy. For this reason it is in our own best interest to improve the health of our mental, emotional and spiritual centres as well as nourishing our body with the right foods.  My approach to helping you achieve a high level of overall health focuses on all of these aspects of  your being. 

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ASYRA - Advanced Bio-Energetic Health Screening

Let's work together to find the root cause of your unwellness.


This is a great practice that helps restore the body to its full potential by identifying and correcting energy imbalances.

Scenar Therapy

This uses scenar technology to alleviate pain from injuries, aches and stiffness. It's an advanced pain relief device which accelerates the body's natural healing abilities.

Spiritual Healing

This is a safe, non-invasive energy therapy that brings balance to the mind, body and spirit.

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This is an easy and accessible way to receive feedback from your bioenergetic field about any imbalances that currently exist within your body. Bioenergetic harmony can then be restored by delivering a series of customised frequencies.
For testimonials please see 'the frequency experience' facebook page.


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Our Happy Clients!

"Wow, I am 2 weeks into a 6 week plan with Tania after my ASYRA test. I feel so much better! My energy was through the floor beforehand. I was struggling to lose the weight I had gained during the first lockdown and my sleep was terrible. I feel so much better already and I cannot wait to see where I am in a months time. I cannot recommend Tania enough! She really knows her stuff and is super lovely as a bonus."​
K. Evans
"I sought advice from Tania Galvani when my son was 6 months old as his eczema was all over his body and his itching was becoming uncontrollable. She showed me how to manage (and eventually clear) all the eczema, without any harsh creams - just natural remedies! We can't thank Tania enough as our child has just enrolled in swimming lessons, something we never thought the eczema would allow."
''Thank you so much for the remote spiritual healing. I felt emotionally and physically drained after a long week. During the healing treatment, I was able to see colours and feel the healing energy at different points. I felt relaxed and I started to de-stress. After the treatment I felt so much more energised."
S. Parfey