“I just had to write and tell you about my experience during the most remarkable healing therapy I’ve received from your Distant Healing sessions. There I was laying comfortably on my bed for my first healing, not certain what to expect. Then suddenly the most overwhelming feeling of utter peace and quietude seem to move all over my body. As you will appreciate this type of healing energy is difficult to define, my best shot is – for the first time I glimpsed a deeper meaning of the renowned Bible passage – the peace of God which passeth all understanding. During this calmness, various parts of my body causing distress were filled with a warm energy which seemed to circulate around each area, making me feel even more relaxed. This was followed by a top-to-toe flow of healing light energy all over the body, which nearly sent me to sleep. Coming round from my Distant Healing session, I experienced feelings of what I can only describe as light-heartedness and euphoria in and around me. It was like all my Xmas’s had come at once – pure joy – perfect happiness. I can’t thank you enough. Of course, I understand each person’s ailments are different and that we each have to find our own paths to healing. I believe I’ve found mine.”
"Tania has been amazingly helpful on my health journey, particularly in relation to improving my gut health. I have suffered with stomach related issues for years, and with her help and guidance, I have been virtually pain free and feeling much healthier overall! Would recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their general health and body systesms"
‘’Thanks so much for the work you’ve done with me over the past few weeks. I’d been carrying around this trauma for so many years and I felt like it was almost a part of me but now when I think about it I feel a ‘nothingness’, like it doesn’t trigger or upset me anymore and I just feel so much lighter and happier within myself 😊’’
"Tania Galvani is a hugely and multi-talented healer. Tania has incredible experience and a broad knowledge of different ways of healing. She cares deeply about getting to the cause of problems in the body and helping people become healthier and happier. She has helped me enormously and I do not hesitate in recommending her."
"I sought advice from Tania Galvani when my son was 6 months old as his eczema was all over his body and his itching was becoming uncontrollable.  She showed me how to manage (and eventually clear) all the eczema, without any harsh creams, just natural remedies! We can't thank Tania enough as our child has just enrolled in swimming lessons, something we never thought the eczema would allow"
"Tania was recommended to me by a friend and I saw her in relation to nutrition in pregnancy, as a vegetarian and keen runner I wanted to ensure that I was getting the right amount of vitamins etc. Tania was so helpful, her knowledge, enthusiasm and interest in the matter is clear. She was happy to give advice as and when needed and answer any questions as and when they arose. She has also continued to offer advice post pregnancy and I have found this extremely helpful. She is very approachable and I felt very comfortable with her :) 10 out of 10!"
"I had a kinesiology balance with Tania recently for the first time and I found the experience amazing! Tania was very professional and she made me feel completely at ease. I felt really good after the session. I felt focused, energised and my aches had gone. I am booked in to have a nutritional consultation and food sensitivities test with her next month which I am very looking forward to! I highly recommend trying kinesiology with Tania."
"Tania has helped identify various nutrients that my body is lacking in, and also confirmed that wheat is stressing my body, which would explain the bloating! The testing is completely pain free (ie no blood tests) and carried out in a relaxed, comfortable environment. I would definitely recommend Tania, she is lovely, and welcoming and I shall be returning for further in depth testing."
"If you are looking to find the balance between health and nutrition in a busy life, I can definitely recommend Tania Galvani. Tania has a great balance of knowledge and communication skills to help identify your needs and is well qualified in therapeutic techniques that can help you to attain your very best health."
Dr. R.Robinson
"I had such an amazing session with Tania today, it was very relaxing and restorative. After the session I felt like my energy had been restored and I felt so much better. Before I was feeling a bit stressed and run down and this was just what I needed. This was my first experience of kinesiology and I’m definitely booking in for another session. I can highly recommend Tania, she was so professional and calm and she took so much time to understand what I needed from the session. It was such a great experience. I am really looking forward to my next session with her."
"I recently saw Tania as I was keen to see if I had any foods which were putting stress on my body as I had been suffering some discomfort which I believed was linked to some foods I was consuming. Tania was extremely knowledgeable and helped to identify the issues that were causing the symptoms. I have been following her recommendations which included taking some natural supplements tailored to my needs and avoiding certain foods that I was sensitive towards. Since the appointment, I feel I have a lot more energy and no longer feel the discomfort I previously had. I highly recommend Tania!"
"I have seen Tania for various treatments over almost a six month period. She has worked wonders helping identify foods that were stressing my body. Tania has also been able to help with other significant health and well being issues which I can not thank her enough for."
"After my consultation with Tania I was able to make the simple changes she suggested based on the results of her methodology which improved my feeling of health and wellbeing. She explained everything in an easy to understand way and made me feel very relaxed and at ease. I found the results to be very accurate based on my own experiences of things I could/couldn't eat, despite Tania not knowing any of this! I would definitely recommend an appointment with Tania."
"Tania gave me valuable nutritional information which helped me with my digestive problems. She is a very good Naturopath and she used kinesiology muscle testing to determine the cause of my unwellness. I highly recommend her."
"I recently had a session with the ASYRA and I was really impressed with it. It gave me a good idea of what was going on in my body which related to why I was feeling the way I was. I also had certain foods stressing my body which I was previously unaware of. Since taking the remedy from the ASYRA and following the recommendations in the report I am feeling much better!!"
O Freeman
"My son is on the autistic spectrum and we have been seeing Tania for the past few months. He has improved so much within this time and I finally feel like there is hope for a brighter future for him! He has started to speak more, has better eye contact and his behaviour has improved a lot. I didn't realise that nutrition and naturopathy could result in such big changes for him."
"I followed the recommendations of Tania for my little girl who has autism. We made lots of changes including with diet and detoxifying the body and she is making big improvements!"
K Ferreira
" I recently visited Tania as I was fascinated by the notion she could listen to what my body needed and offer help via her extensive tool kit. Tania was friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. She listened to my concerns and explained clearly how she could help. I left with a really clear plan of action to help repair my gut health. Which, since implementing has made a huge difference to how I feel. Highly recommend!"
V Kennedy