About me


I enjoy helping my clients to improve their health and well-being by working with them to identify any causes of unwellness. I believe our mind, our body, and our spirit are all interconnected and when I work with a client, I like to address all these areas. I believe that all these centres within our body are extremely important and that they need to be aligned and integrated in order for us to experience our best health.

Science has shown that dis-ease starts in the energy field before manifesting into the physical body. I believe our thoughts, emotions, actions and beliefs are directly related to our internal and external state of health. With this in mind, it’s incredibly important to address the health of our mental, emotional and spiritual centres as well as nourishing our body with the right foods. My approach to helping my clients to achieve a high level of overall health focuses on all these aspects of their being.

I work from Worcester House – Centre for change in Petersfield and from Winchester. I also work remotely with the Asyra (using a hair sample) and with energy healing.

I offer 15 minute free phone consultations where I will listen to your personal situation and I will explain if and how I will be able to help.

I am insured for all the therapies I practise with Balens and I am a member of UK Healers, the Kinesiology Federation, BAHA and the ICHM.

Disclaimer Note
Do please be aware that all complementary therapy, including kinesiology, energy healing, nutritional therapy, bio-energetic health screening and Scenar therapy are not intended to replace medical treatment and care. I do not diagnose medical conditions or claim to cure them. These therapies can work alongside medical treatment and as with all therapies no specific results can be guaranteed.