"I just had to write and tell you about my experience during the most remarkable healing therapy I’ve received from your Distant Healing sessions. There I was laying comfortably on my bed for my first healing, not certain what to expect. Then suddenly the most overwhelming feeling of utter peace and quietude seem to move all over my body. As you will appreciate this type of healing energy is difficult to define, my best shot is – for the first time I glimpsed a deeper meaning of the renowned Bible passage – the peace of God which passeth all understanding. During this calmness, various parts of my body causing distress were filled with a warm energy which seemed to circulate around each area, making me feel even more relaxed. This was followed by a top-to-toe flow of healing light energy all over the body, which nearly sent me to sleep. Coming round from my Distant Healing session, I experienced feelings of what I can only describe as light-heartedness and euphoria in and around me. It was like all my Xmas’s had come at once – pure joy – perfect happiness. I can’t thank you enough. Of course, I understand each person’s ailments are different and that we each have to find our own paths to healing. I believe I’ve found mine."
C. Mcgilvery
“Many thanks to Tania Galvani for her help with my health and nutrition. I have a busy working life I enjoy but I’ve been struggling to maintain the energy levels I needed to get through the day and also train for triathlon sports. Even though I was a healthy weight, I often felt drained and it really worried me that I couldn’t maintain a healthy menstrual cycle because I know having regular periods is important sign of health. I was really impressed by Tania’s thorough approach and knowledge. She evidently understands nutrition and health and provided so many good recipe ideas explaining what each nutrient and food was good for (I always like to know ‘why’!). I must admit I was a bit nervous that it’d be hard to add in the different foods to my diet, but they’ve all been really delicious. I wouldn’t change back. For me, trying to establish a regular cycle was an important reflection of my health and I know it probably also reflects that my stress levels are under control. So I was really happy that I’ve had regular cycles for the past 6 months, just 2 months after making the changes. My close friends say I seem less stressed and I certainly feel it and I have a lot more energy to enjoy sport even when I’ve had a busy week. I would definitely recommend Tania, to anyone struggling to get the balance with health and nutrition...and actually even if you think you’ve got the balance right you’d probably feel better!”
"Wow, I am 2 weeks into a 6 week plan with Tania after my ASYRA test. I feel so much better! My energy was through the floor beforehand. I was struggling to lose the weight I had gained during the first lockdown and my sleep was terrible. I feel so much better already and I cannot wait to see where I am in a months time. I cannot recommend Tania enough! She really knows her stuff and is super lovely as a bonus."​
K Evans
"I had my first ever kinesiology two weeks ago with Tania and loved every minute of it. Tania identified foods that I have a sensitivity to which was a real eye opener and produced a meal and supplement plan based on these results. I already feel healthier, more energised and my skin has visibly improved"
''Thank you so much for the remote spiritual healing. I felt emotionally and physically drained after a long week. During the healing treatment, I was able to see colours and feel the healing energy at different points. I felt relaxed and I started to de-stress. After the treatment I felt so much more energised."
S Parfey
"I sought advice from Tania Galvani when my son was 6 months old as his eczema was all over his body and his itching was becoming uncontrollable. She showed me how to manage (and eventually clear) all the eczema, without any harsh creams just natural remedies! We can't thank Tania enough as our child has just enrolled in swimming lessons, something we never thought the eczema would allow". ​